On the way to work, I say to myself everyday, today is a good day for a good day,she explained. You have to start every day feeling like that is the day youre going to continue to make progress. Some days I dont. But I wake up the next day deeply believing on my drive in that I will make a difference that day. It is super empowering, frankly, to have that world view. It doesn’t come overnight, but nothing really good does.

Do you dream of achieving great things in tech? Amy Hood believed and achieved, and Powers Education knows you can too!

Ms. Hood graduated from Duke and Harvard with business degrees, and after working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, she joined Microsoft in 2002. There, she was integral to acquisitions such as the companys takeover of Skype and was the chief financial officer of Microsofts business division. Since becoming CFO of all of Microsofts operations, revenue from their Azure cloud platform improved as did their online business process service. Powers Education wants you to experience the same success as Ms. Hood! With mentoring and tutoring there are no limits in the tech world!

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