Ever use a Xerox copy machine? You are actually using a product of big science! Xerox is a huge technology company, and its CEO, Ursula Burns, is very inspirational to Powers Educaton. She has a background in mechanical engineering and was chosen by Barack Obama to help guide the White House’s STEM program.  She has served as CEO since 2009 and will soon be seeing the company through a split into two smaller, more specific companies. Since 2009, Burns has successfully pushed Xerox to grow beyond just making copies. The company now gets a substantial amount of its business from providing “business processing” services, which means that Xerox uses its resources and technology that it has to assist client businesses so that they can process things in a faster and cheaper way. In the future, as Xerox transitions, the new companies will continue to provide business process services, especially in the healthcare and transportation industries, while on the technology side, their printers and copiers will be positioned as premium products focused on speed and high quality. Who knew, one company could use science in such exciting ways? Burns’ significance as a female leader of a technology company cannot be overlooked, as she is a strong reminder of the potential that women have in the STEM fields. Powers Education will tutor and mentor you because we want your ideas to benefit the science community. We will work so that more women will find success in STEM!