Ruth Porat is representative of the future of Silicon Valley. Her move westward is indicative of Silicon Valley businesses moving towards a more gender balanced and investor conscious way of operating. This shows that even for a company as large and successful as Google is, the California tech industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. In making this move, Porat serves as a significant role model in the tech industry as a powerful woman at the forefront of a business who is driving internal changes to further the integrity of her organization and improve future products.

Ruth Porat is a major player in the Federal government, financial, and technology fields. Porat worked for 27 years at Morgan Stanley in New York, eventually serving as the Chief Financial Officer for the company. In her work there, she dealt extensively with the federal government following the 2008 financial crisis and the fallout associated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which resulted in her name being thrown around in Washington as a potential Treasury Secretary.

In 2015, Porat accepted a position at Google, now Alphabet, where she would serve as the CFO. In this capacity, she oversaw the transition from Google to Alphabet where earnings would be reported differently in the hopes that investors will be able to better understand where their money is going and where revenue is being generated. It is a move towards more transparency which, coupled with an albeit small stock buy-back program, is aimed at earning favor and trust from the public. Essentially, as CFO, Porat is ushering in financial changes to Alphabet that push the company towards exciting disruptive innovations and fiscal clarity. These changes will have long term effects on the tech giant as a whole, on individual innovations and products, and on the greater tech industry as well. Through mentoring and tutoring, and with important role models like Porat, there can, and will be more women having monumental impact in STEM!