Do you want to run a technology company? Do you wonder what it takes get there? Powers Education will help you reach your full potential in science and technology! One woman of great inspiration to us is Ginni Rometty who has made tremendous advances while at IBM. Under her leadership at IBM, the company has begun a transition process aimed at molding the 105 year old titan of a company, into a more dynamic, modern, and profitable enterprise. Rometty aims to turn IBM into a service provider of a cloud platform and cognitive solutions, more typically known as artificial intelligence. 1 Within any particular field, IBM’s Watson computer can take in textual information and be taught by human experts, and can then be used to answer questions on that subject in natural language. 2 The technology that IBM pioneered years ago is no longer cutting edge, so Rometty is guiding the company in this new direction! Technology like Watson and cloud services have so many exciting applications to businesses and could bring IBM into a new phase of profitability. At Powers Education, we know that Rometty’s desire to succeed is shared by many young women interested in the STEM fields, and with our mentorship and tutoring, we will help you take steps to reach her level. We will help you succeed in your science class! We will help you to believe in your own abilities!

Image Source: By Asa Mathat / Fortune Live Media [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons