Sheryl Sandberg has an accomplished career that extends over decades. Her credentials are what women dream of achieving. 

Sandberg graduated Summa Cum Laude with an economics degree from Harvard University. Looking for employment, she turned to her thesis adviser Lawrence Summer, the World Bank’s chief economist, who had picked Sandberg to work on his team as a research assistant. When Summer became Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in President Bill Clinton’s administration, she again served at Summer’s side again. In 2001, Sandberg joined Google and the new tech boom at Silicon Valley.  Sandberg rose as high as Google’s Vice President of global online sales and operations. Seven years later, she was hired by Facebook as the company’s chief operating officer. She has also written a bestseller: “Lean in: Women, Work, and the will to lead“. This Woman with a W should be a big motivation to all of us: her career has reached dizzying heights.  

Sandberg proves that women can reach a leading position in a tech environment.  But, Sandberg is also shows that good contacts are really important to success, especially when trying to land a first job; everybody could use a helping hand to open the door to the professional world.  I think Sandberg’s thesis advisor was one of the important elements of her career’s startup. She had an excellent education and grades, but she needed a mentor too. We all need that. That’s one of many reasons why I like Powers Education. Not only do they help young women with their STEM studies, but they have worldwide contacts to help you develop in your future career.

Sandberg had another important person in her life besides Summer: Arianna Huffington, who started the Huffington Post. Sandberg gushes: “One my most important mentors Arianna Huffington, who had guided me through my career and my life [...] and a shoulder to cry when I need it the most. Her boundless support and love have changed my life, and I’m really grateful for the many lessons she has thought me. Celebrate the women who Lean In together with you.” 

From my personal experience I can say that Anna Powers was always here for me when I needed her, in my best moments and the worst. Powers has the words and the experiences to help and motivate you achieve your life goals. 

Image Source: By World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons