A fifteen year-old French basketball player has been accepted to Harvard University. 

Sounds like a fairy tale, right? But it’s real. Maria Guramare is living this dream at Harvard University, one of the privileged who can compete athletically and academically. Guramare just graduated high school (with honors) from a scientific high school.

How did a high school freshman become a college freshman? She got noticed. During the first year of high school, Guramare’s professor noticed something special in her, so her professor suggested Guramare take an IQ test. Guramare obliged, and scored a 150 (Genius is 140). Afterwards she was able to skip two years of her classes.

She also excelled as a basketball player, standing at 6’2’’. A scout watching Guramare proposed applying to an Ivy League school, which also has a competitive basketball league. So she applied on a lark hoping to get into a talented college in the U.S., and she never imagined a Harvard acceptance. But it happened anyway, and the dream became a reality! After passing a bunch of tests necessary for US admissions (as we all know), she went to study mathematics and biology at Harvard, in addition to playing for Harvard’s basketball team. And for four years this time.

I find Guramare’s story really motivating; she’s so young and has such a great mind, and she knew what she wanted from a really early age. It’s so rare to see someone so disciplined. Guramare says she is excited and undaunted by her new challenge. The fifteen year-old kid at Harvard just wants to push her limits to the max, just like Anna Powers wants you to do!  

 Push your limits to the max!