Zhou Qunfei is today’s world's richest female tech founder, originally from a poor family from a rural mainland China. Qunfei runs today's most successful company for glass phone and tablet covers that supply both Samsung and Apple. But how did her story begin? Back to China’s countryside in 1993, Qunfei left her hometown at the age of 23 to work in a glass factory in Shenzen. It didn’t take long until she got tired of the long hard work routine, so she left to start her own glass manufactory next-door. She promised to their clients an even higher quality of watch lenses. Qunfei self-developed a complex screen-printing process that allowed her to improve prints for current glasses.

But it was actually with the mobile phone boom that her door to the big market opened, and she was able to become a billionaire.

Qunfei got a phone call from Motorola asking her if she was willing to collaborate with them on developing new glass screens for their new devices. She agreed, and then it began. When she came out with the lens screens, other big companies joined her, like HTC, Nokia, and Samsung. In 2007, Apple came out on the market with the famous iPhone and put her company at the head of China’s Tech business.

Then she made huge investments in new technologies and developments of her company, even loaning her personal apartment. But it turned out as a great step and paid off. Qunfei, by herself, designed almost every step of the screen manufactory process. She is able to come down from her office to the manufactory and replace any of her employees for a while just to check if they are doing it right.

I really do appreciate that she, by herself, has gone through every single step of the process and knows what the work requires. She understands the whole process and is able to evaluate it objectively and improve it. This allows her to be this productive and successful. Only determination, hard work, and detail oriented work lead to great achievements; Zhou exhibits all 3 aspects. As Qunfei says: “That’s the attention to the detail that I demand at the workplace.“

I chose to point out Ms. Zhou’s work because she was able to build by herself the highest platform of business, something so great and innovating. She used all of the small knowledge she received throughout her life to achieve and develop something great. All my honor goes to her.

I allow myself to compare some of Qunfei's personal characteristics to Dr. Anna Powers. Likewise, Dr. Powers is hard working, motivated and mainly detail oriented in her work. That’s so she has the right technic to help you achieve your goals. Just like Zhou, Dr. Powers had to go through this by herself; that’s how she is able to evaluate and improve her work. So Powers Education can find the right way for you and motivate you.

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