Danah Boyd, who studied Computer Science at Brown University and earned a Mater’s degree in Social Media at MIT, is the founder of today's promoting start-up: Data & Society.  

Danah’s beginnings were not as famous as it could seemShe had a difficult time  in middle school and had some troubles with herself because of her parent's divorce. She found a rescue from her unhappy life on the Internet because it helped her to understand the world better and get some new contacts.  That’s when her “relation“ with the Internet and social media began. 

After her studies at Brown and MIT, she earned a Ph.D. at UC Berkley School of Information. In 2009, Boyd joined Microsoft Research in England as a Social Media Researcher and published two books: “It’s complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens“  and “Participatory Culture in a Networked Era“. 

Her association, Data & Society, is a software system that is designed to make decisions and judgment calls instead of people, often via machine-to-machine communication. It's like having a computer as a tutor.  

Data & Society was gifted a grant of $ 875,000 for enabling Connected Learning Program. T this program seems “to better understand the relationship between U.S. governmental policy, technology development, and innovative learning and education initiatives“. This could replace online tutoring blogs and private home tutors. 

Data & Society seems to be a great start-up that's fixing today's most popular and flourishing fields with a solid background. Their main goal now is to  see if they can form and tutor the society somehow. I personally think that their new concept will be a great tool for tutors and students in STEM.  

Boyd's difficult times and post-college career should be an inspiration for all of us. I think that when making decisions about your college studies you should be advised by someone to guide you through this be a big part of your future life. That’s the reason why I support Dr. Powers and her  activity in advising and supporting young people on their way to college and future careers. The second aspect is that the STEM field is thriving all over today and the next generation. Women shouldn’t be afraid of studying STEM; they should be part of it. And I’m really glad that Dr. Powers decided to support and help them find their ways in STEM careers through great tutoring, private tutors, private math’s tutors, and tutor posts. Parents should want a tutor for their child because they're often inexperienced and undecided in what they want to pursue. And that’s what Powers Education is offering you; to give them your trust and they will lead you.  

Danah was lucky, she found herself thanks to the internet; she focused her studies, energy and work on something she believed in and was able to build something on it. But it is really difficult to find your own way, sometimes you need someone to advise you and more to support you. Be there behind you in the decisive moment and when you feel like quitting just whisper: “don’t quit, you can do it“ and that’s how Dr. Anna Powers and her team work. Trust them as I do ands the results will show.