Do you know that feeling when you palm clench and you feel as if a part of your body is paralyzed? You feel uncomfortable, almost nauseous and all these thoughts start racing through your head: what am I doing? I can’t do this! Someone help!

Yes, we have all been there. I am sure even the greatest people we know both from within our time period and those from the past, have all experienced fear in some way. But in order to be etched into history they must have somehow conquered the feeling of fear to expose their greatness. So how did they do that?  

Well it all goes back to physics and to the greatest discovery of the 20th century: time is a dimension, just like the three dimensions of space. This was discovered by well known physicists and mathematicians in the early 20th century and this discoveryis the corner stone of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics and general relativity. Time— what does time have to do with fear? It is very simple: if we realize that time is a dimension, then we must realize that it is something we can move along, like a trajectory. Imagine yourself walking on a road, you are moving along that trajectory, so the same thing applies to time, imagine your life, you are walking along a trajectory of time. If make this argument, we then realize that every moment is a part of our trajectory, but more importantly, every moment is temporary — we will move past it. So what this means is that fear is temporary, and moreover, every step we take, we move into a new moment, a completely new situation which does not contain anything, only what we bring in. So, whether we carry the fear into that situation or not, is our choice.

If we realize that fear is temporary and that it is within our choice, then we can conquer fear.