Ursula Burns 

“As I´ve progressed in my career, I´ve come to appreciate- and really valuethe other attributes that define a company´s success beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financial strengthethical business practicesevolving business strategiessound governancepowerful brandsvalues-based decision –making“  

Burns is the chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox Corporation, making her the first African-American woman CEO to run a Fortune 500 Company She obtained her bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from New York University and master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University.  Burns has all of the credentials and tools for tutoring that will help guide all types of tutors (private, at home, math, science) to aid students and possibly drive people/students to help others find their answers.

While finishing her bachelor degree Burn worked at Xerox as a summer intern and when she completed her Master degree she joined Xerox permanentlyShe worked in different position that helped her earn the leading position. It all began when Wayland Hicksan executive senior, offered Burns to be his executive assistantLater on, she became the executive assistant to the chairmanPaul AllaireEight years later she was named vice president of Global Manufacturing. Burns worked closely with the CEO,Anne Mulcahy, and was named her successor in 2010.  

I really like following Burns' career path because she started as a student in STEM studying Mechanical Engineering and end up as CEOShe used her holidays for internships that gave her the connections at Xerox to start her career. Burns is  hard working and dedicated to what she doesthat is immensely memorableIt doesn´t matter what we do, as long as we excel at it and we are dedicated to our workI admire her because she came up all the  levels; she knows the workthe process, every aspect. And that is how Dr. Anna Powers works; she was also a student through all the stages, and then she became a teacher. She knows the whole process and is  willing to share her knowledge with us and help us grow as she did. Tutoring, online tutoring and all this kind of help seems to resemble baby steps, but these steps are the right start to your future career