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Frances Arnold: Wins the 2016 Millennium Technology prize!

Frances Arnold: Wins the 2016 Millennium Technology prize!

Do you aspire to one day be on the cover of Time magazine? Do you want to make a contribution to society and leave a lasting impact? We know you said yes! And we are going to tell you how to do it –through making an innovation in science and technology! And yes, you can do it! And, if you doubt that – Powers Education will make you believe it and is here to help you make this leap.  First, let us inspire you to by telling about Professor Frances Arnold, who is the first woman to win the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize, only awarded every two years.

7 Reasons To Study Math

7 Reasons To Study Math

It's a problem solved: 7 reasons to study Math? 

1. Everyday life: Mathematics is really vital in every day life.  

We use maths during our day without even noticing it.  

Counting money in shops, salaries, bills…quantities of items, 

food or drinks we want. Maths is necessary for life. Just  

imagine, you want to buy something, you wouldn't know how to  

count it and the seller would have to help you. How would you know  

he didn't take more then it costs?  

2. Building & infrastructure: Maybe you don't realize it, when you  

look at a building, bridge or another structure, but every single  

detail of it has been counted. Everything has been planned. And how? Thanks  

to mathematics of course. The project designers and civil  

engineers with the quantity surveyor think about every detail and on how that can influence the project: counting the cost! Resistance,  

Structure height and many others. All this requires strong skills in  

mathematics. Before building something you have to mathematically calculate it and figure it out. 

3. Design & Architecture: while designing you first have  

to visualize it in your head of course, have the idea in your head, see it when you close your yeas just in front of you. That's creativity. But how to put it on paper or on screen, how to make it real; that's a mathematical problem. This is when you will have to use your magic tool kit- mathematics.  

Everything has to be calculated so that it correctly fits together,  

the curves, geometrical form are all the products of  

mathematical functions. You can draw your ideas thanks to  

mathematics! Math helps you to put your crazy mind in order. 

4. Finances: okay so know, we were able to pay for our breakfast, calculate it and design it. What next? Finances! How to pay for 

it? How do I know I have the money for it, how to balance my money.  

Where to invest? These problems are solved through arithmetic which is the science and art of adding, subtracting, multiplying and's mathematics. You can calculate and optimize your best financial plan.  

5. Music: I know you might think, what have maths and arts in  

common, especially maths and music, but it does! First imagine a  

great opera or Orchestra and singers, performing in an beautiful hall.  Do you think the hall was this way just because someone wanted it like that? No, it has a real reason! Acoustics. You can be a great singer and of course the audience will enjoy your singing but  

acoustic plays a leading role in performing. Acoustics is all  

about maths and how the vibrations from sounds are reflected and  

how we can design the performing hall to get the best sound and vibration possible. It's vibrations that allows us to hear music. 

6. Statistics or probability: but how do I know all of my projects are going to be successful? Am I going to have success? Can I predict the future somehow? Yes! I can. Not completely, but thanks to  

mathematics, stochastic processes and calculus I am able to have an idea about how it could be. Probability theory applied on my project will help me to to predict and avoid mistakes and delays. Isn'tit great! I cansee the future thanks to mathematical statistics. So don't be afraid and use your tutors and online tutors to do everything to improve your mathematical skills.  

7. Logic: when ever you need to claim or prove something, the only  

reliable proof is a mathematical one! Numbers, numbers and  

numbers. At the end of the day, even if your project idea or your  

speech or what ever is really interesting, without a proof or a clear logic statement you'll never be able to win the debate. Everyone wants to see the numbers to have something tangible, proof and evidence which supports your idea, and you analyze the probability of its success in the future through calculus. Calculus is the mathematical study of change. Mathematics and logic are linked. We need both to solve a problem .  





Inspiration: Meet the CEO of Xerox!

Inspiration: Meet the CEO of Xerox!

Ever use a Xerox copy machine? You are actually using a product of big science! Xerox is a huge technology company, and its CEO, Ursula Burns, is very inspirational to Powers Educaton. She has a background in mechanical engineering and was chosen in by Barak Obama to help guide the White House’s STEM program

Why the Zika Virus Needs Scientists

Why the Zika Virus Needs Scientists

There are a rapidly growing number of opportunities in the STEM fields on a relatively old frontier: the spread of diseases.  

Conditions surrounding the developing world play a key role in creating this situation. One of these factors is that many countries that are generally accepted as “developing” exist in relatively warm and specifically tropical climates. Additionally, these countries often have high birth rates, which lead to growing populations and urbanization. These high birth rates are arguably an economic symptom of development. This confluence of factors in these hot climates produces cities with swelling populations and low standards of living.