Powers Education takes the brightest, young women and trains them in the Powers Method. Through our tutoring and mentoring mission, we provide one-on-one sessions and group tutoring lessons in the sciences. Through our services, we hope to encourage and increase the number of women who will choose the sciences as their career.

We take care of our tutors - we invest in women. We will not only train you, but Dr. Powers will mentor you. We pay our tutors more than the national average and we give invaluable mentoring. By joining our team you will be joining an extensive alumni network of passionate and talented young women. You will be able to make a meaningful contribution and unlock your potential.


1. Are you ready to share the beauty of science and make an impact?

2. Are you a star in mathematics, physics, chemistry or computer science? Are you able to explain complex concepts in simple ways? Are you passionate about helping others succeed?



If you said, yes! we are eager to hear from you.