Ava Mackenzie, Creative Director

I enjoy creating a striking aesthetic. My passion is delivering a powerful message through managing both creative ideas and resources. My talent is having a vision of how these elements come together and bringing that vision to life. For this website, I directed a photoshoot, organized team meetings, consulted on image selection, word choice, layout and idea generation. I believe in this company, because I believe in women. I had Dr. Powers as a teacher and was inspired by her vision from day one.


Polina Buchak, Web Design and Visual Content

I tell stories - through photo, video, and design. I joined Dr. Powers because I wanted to help deliver and unfold her story to the viewers by using my skills and experience in photography and film. My goal was to transfer her powerful message into a pleasant user experience and a beautiful aesthetic. I filmed and edited videos, designed the website layout, generated graphics, as well as ideas for a visual experience that was aligned with the vision. I was inspired to work with Dr. Powers because I believe in changing the world. 


Anthony Soeharto, Web Developer


I enjoyed using my coding skills to help bring the vision Dr. Powers has for education and science to life. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Powers because her passion for change is evident in what she has carefully and patiently developed over the past several years.



Eric Vitale, photographer



Phone: 646-355-8502

Instagram:  @ericvitalephotography

I enjoyed working with Anna because she chases her dreams. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this project, and to photograph her and her students. I enjoyed dedicating my time because this company aims to transform our society for the better.