What is the benefit of working with us?

We are invested in your success and we care about you. This nurturing care translates into confidence and success.

We are more than just tutoring, we are a support system. Our approach is holistic: we not only focus on the results using the Powers method, but we help with test anxiety, managing school stress, and the social pressures of high school. Our tutors are dedicated to forming a strong mentoring and tutoring relationship that builds confidence, and achieves tangible results.

All our tutors are hand picked by Dr. Powers, they are stars in their discipline, people whom you can easily relate to. They posses all the knowledge and teaching abilities that will enable your success. They have been taught by Dr. Powers and in world class institutions, such as NYU. They are mentored by Dr. Powers. There is no separation between Dr. Powers and the tutors.

What differentiates us?

We are the first and only company that: 1) was started by a scientist 2) solely focuses on the sciences 3) is specifically focused on helping young women 4) has a proven methodology.

More than tutoring — it is a support system, we have a holistic approach that emphasizes not only success but confidence. The Powers method removes memorization, it emphasizes relationships, both in science and in life. It is a different way of thinking that not only teaches science but translates into life.

We believe in mentoring: our tutors are mentors, they are relatable role models of success, who are both stars in their discipline and deeply care about the success of their students.

Why should I trust Powers Education?

Simple: we deliver tangible results, increased confidence and success. We have a proven record of both long and short term success. Our clients achieved higher grades and test scores, ultimately finding the confidence to believe in themselves, to unlock boundaries, and to pursue anything they want! Many have gone on to challenging and rewarding careers in medicine, law, and graduate studies in the sciences.

What advantages are there to studying math and science?

Everyone knows that math, physics and chemistry are very hard, so succeeding in these classes is a major stepping stone to an admission to a top tier college. As a female, excelling in science gives a greater chance of getting a scholarship and an admission to top tier university because colleges are actively seeking to fill the void that exists for talented young women in these areas. Apart from that, careers that use scientific way of thinking are financially and intellectually rewarding. The Powers Method builds confidence not only in science but in life.

What do we define as science?

All science subjects, whether chemistry or computer science, share the same way of thinking. The language of science is mathematics, which, through abstract relationships, defines the world around us. Through the Powers Method, we teach you to think about science in terms of relationships, in this way science becomes intuitive and creative. We teach you how to think like scientist do. There is no rote memorization in science. This way of thinking allows you to succeed in science and positively translates into life.

How does tutoring work?

Powers Education is dedicated to your success and building your confidence. We make a personal assessment and develop a tutoring program dedicated to your success. Our sessions last 1.5 hours, because we not only teach the theories but we do lots of practice problems, which we have written. Science is about doing and internalizing relationships between objects.