Marcela Sapone: Putting People First

Have you ever been so caught up in your school or work life that daily errands like laundry, cleaning, or even grocery shopping had to take a backseat? Marcela Sapone and her business partner Jessica Beck were attending Harvard Business School when they recognized this problem in their own lives and took action.

Top 3 Strategies Institutions Can Use To Close The Talent Gap In STEM

Scientific fields continually push the boundaries of innovation and progress, yet American high school students lack preparation, interest, and engagement in such subjects. Statistics show that in 2013, only 44% of high school graduates were ready for college level math and 36% for college level science .

Laurene Powell Jobs: Dedication to Philanthropy

Despite being a multi-billionaire and one of the 50 wealthiest people in the world, Laurene Powell Jobs has made a name for herself as a down to earth philanthropist. She has been involved in countless educational initiatives and organizations and continues to dedicate her life to improving education and other social justice issues.

Coolest Careers In Innovation To Get Into Right Now

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In the world we live in today, science and technology has transformed and touched every aspect of our daily lives; from getting a taxi on our smart phone to being able to message anyone in our world with a press of a button.

Limor Fried: Engineers and Entrepreneurs

Since childhood, Limor Fried enjoyed building, tweaking, and modifying electronic devices to create her own unique gadgets. Throughout the years, she was able to turn her favorite hobby of tinkering with electronics, into a profitable company that provides valuable products and services to technology enthusiasts all around the world.

These Skills Will Make You A Great CEO

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Do you dream about being a CEO? Would you like to bring your vision to life and impact the world through your ideas, either by starting your own company or leading a Fortune 500 company?

Megan Smith: "Just go for it."

Megan Smith, the 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States, is both an experienced technological genius and a champion for minorities. Her life experiences include everything from building solar race cars to working at a variety of start-ups to becoming VP of Google X. So how did she get to where she is now?

STEM Skills Will Make You An Asset In These Lucrative Careers

Each of us has personally experienced how STEM innovation has changed our world, both on a global scale and on a day-to-day basis, touching every point of our lives. Everything is STEM - starting from being able to read this article using a smartphone, to calculating the revenue on a business deal, to making movies.

Safra Catz: Commitment to Education

Oracle Corporation - a multinational computer technology company that specializes in developing and marketing database software and technology - is soon to be home of the first ever public charter school on a corporate campus. This is largely due to the efforts of Oracle's CEO, Safra Catz, an Iranian American businesswoman who holds a bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and a J.D.

Ursula Burns: The Transformative Powers of Education

"Many people told me I had three strikes against me: I was black. I was a girl. And I was poor," ( This was the reality that Ursula Burns, current chairwoman and former CEO of Xerox Corporation, dealt with growing up as a child.

Gwynne Shotwell: The Importance of Role Models

Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX, discovered her passion for science late. She is a living example that it's never too late to go into STEM; all you need is a little inspiration. Today, she is the leader of a groundbreaking corporation that builds rockets and space capsules to supply the International Space Station and aims to send a human to Mars by 2025.

Indra Nooyi: How STEM can lead to other careers

What does Pepsico - one of the world's leading food and beverage companies - have to do with Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM)? A lot actually. From food product developers to sensory scientists, many careers at PepsiCo require STEM degrees. Furthermore, even positions that don't directly require STEM degrees can benefit from having STEM skills.

Melissa Thompson, CEO of HarcourtHealth shares her career insights with Powers Education

Melissa Thompson is the founder of health and lifestyle publication HarcourtHealth. She is also a frequent contributor at Fobes, Inc, Today, Lifehack, and several other online publications. She spent her early years out of Journalism school drafting copy for websites, while at the same time producing webisodes for USA Today and CNN's business columns.

Susan Lyne: Customer-Driven Business

Susan Lyne, President and Managing Partner at BBG [Built By Girls] Ventures is both a college dropout and a successful businesswoman. Susan has jumped from the print publishing industry, to the entertainment industry: working in film and TV production, then becoming CEO of the Martha Stewart Company, CEO of the members-only luxury online shopping, services, experiences, and travel company Gilt- while it was in its start-up stage, and leader of AOL's Brand Group.

Kayte Torreao da Costa, Co-Founder, DIVONA: Announcing the launch of a perfume brand dedicated to supporting survivors of abuse

Kayte Torreao da Costa is an entrepreneur and technologist focusing on planning, execution, and program management of robust, scalable solutions. She has worked managing million dollar programs for Fortune 500 companies. Her business experience spans 13 years managing programs across borders in technology and operations (France, Ireland, India, Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, China).

Mary Barra: The Power of Mentors

General Motors, a nearly 100-year-old institution. A symbol of the American Dream: post-war prosperity and the middle-class workforce. In recent years, GM has shifted to a customer-driven business model that focuses on cultivating life-long loyalty. Mary Barra has been at the helm of this pivot.

Carol Sankar: Confidence & Leadership Advice for Millennial Women

Carol Sankar is a high level business consultant and the founder of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, which is a global executive leadership firm focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives for high level women. Carol has been featured at TEDx, The Steve Harvey Show, Bounce TV, Inroads, The Society for Diversity, SHRM, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and more.