Facebook plans to allow more contentious content in your timelines and will now consider the newsworthiness of graphic words and images before censoring them. This announcement follows intense internal debates over Donald Trump’s posts to the social network — particularly ones advocating for bans on all Muslim immigration. Some Facebook staffers argued that some of Republican presidential candidate’s comments violate the company’s rules about hate speech. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg determined that they should stay, telling Facebook employees that while Trump’s rhetoric qualified as hate speech, removing it could have far-reaching consequences. The Journal reports that several Muslim content moderators threatened to quit over the decision, saying that Zuckerberg was allowing Trump an exception to rules meant to protect users.

Article source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/blakemontgomery/facebook-will-allow-graphic-content-if-newsworthy?utm_term=.pwxwKGPNV#.qdrkDv65R