Hollywood is willing to try one more all-female reboot. Ocean's 11 is going female, with Sandra Bullock playing Danny Ocean's (George Clooney) cousin hoping to pull off a massive heist. After the remake of Ghostbusters caused *a little* controversy and currently projected to lose money, another installation of a wildly popular series sounds risky from a financial standpoint. Even so, with a star-studded cast, a great track record, and (please please!) a better trailer than Ghostbusters, the movie should be a commercial success.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2016/08/10/anne-hathaway-and-rihanna-join-sandra-bullock-cate-blanchett-in-oceans-11-spin-off/?yptr=yahoo#7cad9994528b

Image Source: By ocean's eleven rechtehalter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons