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The Powers Method is dedicated to the two things I love most: science and encouraging women to succeed. I developed this method over seven years of teaching at the university level when I recognized a pattern that was holding women back: diminished confidence in the perception of their ability to succeed. The Powers Method is built on four pillars: results, success, confidence, opportunity. This method teaches young women to see science differently - through relationships rather than through memorization- which builds a strong foundation for the future. At the core of the Powers Method are the teachers: talented young women who are high achievers and mentors who deeply care. I personally select and train tutors who will be relatable to our students; I then work with my tutors on a daily basis to develop and monitor programs that achieve results. Click on the four pillars below to get an in-depth look at each!

 - Dr. Anna Powers

Your Results

The Powers Method teaches you a different way of thinking. Dr. Powers has specially developed practice problems, visualization techniques, and 3D models to hone in and train your mind to think like a scientist. Rather than memorize, you will learn to recognize relationships between equations — so science will become intuitive. Your knowledge will build on itself like lego building blocks, because instead of blindly sticking things into the problem, you will recognize patterns and make connections. By understanding how the different equations interweave to make our reality, you will become an independent problem solver and begin to see science as a language that is creative and beautiful.

Your Opportunity

We will change your perception of science— we will show you that science is creative — it is innovation! Just think how Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Apple have changed our daily life and permeate our society. Our tutors bring you closer to real people at the core of development and innovation, as they themselves use the scientific language in their daily life. By working with them, your mind opens to a whole new world of opportunity that you may have not considered!

Your Success

Our results speak for themselves. We embody the “growth mindset”, which improves achievement gaps by 30-50%. It argues that being good at science is not an innate trait, but can be developed over time with the help of others. We lift stereotypes that undermine women’s performance in science. Researches at Stanford University found that due to negative stereotypes young women underperform on SAT Math by 51-94%. This preconceived notion hinders women from reaching their full potential, and affects their future. Our tutors and learning environment lifts this stereotype as we hire female tutors who are brilliant, relatable and invested in sharing their success and confidence! References for the above claims may be found under the mission page.

Your confidence

What distinguishes someone from being great at something and just good is a simple ingredient — confidence. We support you through every step of the way; learning isn’t just internalizing concepts, but feeling mentally prepared for challenges. Our tutors work with you in forming a strong mentoring relationship, where you can overcome any challenges, test anxiety, or other pressures of high school. We are women of achievement, who have been in your shoes and become successful. We know how to get you there too!